Body Solid GCBT380 Cam Series Bicep Tricep Machine

Body Solid GCBT380 is a dual-function type of exercise machines which can help you attain bigger, more outlined triceps and biceps muscle groups on account of a smart design. Raise or lower the adaptable seat for correct body placement, then drape your arms on the softly supportive pad, positioned at 30 degrees for precise biomechanical motion. Pull the extra-large pop pin to lower the lifting arm, grab the rotating V-bar handle, and start up your bicep curl reps.

Body Solid GCBT380 Review

This equipment is very simple to use and can have capacity for plenty of weight on the plate arm for the really serious lifter. It is additionally great simply because you have two fitness equipments in one (bicep and triceps). You can utilize a variety of hand positions on the well-designed handles to do hammer-curl like lifts for biceps. The bicep workouts are really good on this fitness machine if you set it with incline dumbbell curls with free weights considering that the incline curls provide you with maximum level of resistance towards the bottom of your lift and this piece of equipment provides you with maximum resistance at the very top, which means you get yourself a remarkable burn and great results doing both. Serious lifters may be not so astounded by the triceps feature, but it does an excellent job with range of motion minimizing tendon pain / damage when compared with many other gym machines, it is therefore an excellent fit for those planning to tone and minimize injuries for triceps. Make sure to check it out with very light weights in the beginning, particularly for the triceps workouts, because it is possible to regulate the dial in a manner that might lead to injury if you don’t test it first to confirm your range of flexibility; you don’t want the weighted bar falling on your arms after you do a lift. If you accomplish the test first, it is wonderful and safe. Additionally it is reasonable priced and not difficult to put together.

Straight away, you’ll notice the two-by-two-inch (W x D) and two-by-four-inch (W x D) steel design’s rock-solid stability. Once you’re through with the biceps curls, simply adjust the lifting arm upward and go to work on your triceps, and enjoy the 43-by-40-by-45-inch (W x H x D) machine’s versatility.


* Ultra-thick DuraFirm upholstery guaranteed not to break down
* Positioned at a 30-degree angle for precise biomechanical movement
* Combination two-by-two-inch (W x D) and two-by-four-inch (W x D) supportive steel
* Rotating V-bar handle for a comfortable grip
* Adjustable lifting arm can be positioned upward for triceps workout

Lifetime Warranty
Body-Solid gym equipment includes a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
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Body Solid GCBT380 is a sturdy, smooth fitness machine, and hits the targeted areas perfectly. Body Solid makes a good product. It truely does work the biceps to the greatest extent.