Why Almost Everyone Is Dead Wrong In How They Train For Massive Size, Strength And Power!

When you are looking for good information to help you reach your fitness goals, you may have to sift through a lot of useless information. There is so much good information to be had, finding the right information is important. Luckily, the best workout guides are in this article, and you can read them below.
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Turbulence Training
No Nonsense Muscle Building
7 Minute Muscle
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1. Turbulence Training
This workout routine is based on just 3 “short burst” workouts per week.
Craig Ballantyne, a workout expert who has been presented in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines says that long boring cardio routines is not the fastest or easiest method to lose body fat.The fact is, as outlined by Craig, you can workout just 3 times per week with 6 easy exercises for a total of only 45 minutes each and lose more body fat that with long cardio workout routines.Here’s one of Craigs workouts we discovered while watching some YouTube videos:1. wide squat (hands in air)- 15 reps

2. basic push up- 15 reps

3. basic lunge w/pause- 12 reps each leg

4. decline push ups- 15 reps

5. jumping jacks- 60 reps

6. mountain climbers- 12 each leg

Do all exercises without resting between exercises


Rest 1 minute after all exercises are completed


Repeat 3 times

We had a few members of our staff put this workout to the test for 3 weeks without changing their eating habits or daily activites and the results were amazing. All together it was a total weight loss of 26
pounds and 18 inches of body fat burned. Considering the short amount of time it takes to do this workout, the results were incredible.

So you may be wondering why you should try out Craig’s system if we just told you the secret right? WRONG! This is just a very small part of the Turbulence Training routine. He has several different levels of workouts and methods to keep losing even more weight and body fat as time goes on.

In fact, if you follow the workouts as they progress over time, you’ll have the body you have always dreamed about and the short workouts will fit into anyone’s schedule.

Craig has tons of testimonials on his site praising his workout routines, which is just testament to the effectiveness and the ease of
the exercises. You can order the basic edition for $39.95 or the deluxe edition for just $97 which comes with 5 additional bonuses.

All in all this is one of the best workout routines in existence and it get’s our higest rating of 5 stars.

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                      Full Review – Recommended Weight Loss Guide #2
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2. No Nonsense Muscle Building
The owner of this program Vince Del Monte was able to transform himself from a meak 149 pound weakling to an impressive 210 pound muscle machine with less than 10% body fat.
He has also been featured in:Maximum FitnessMen’s Fitness MagazineMaximum Fitness Magazine

Vince pulls no punches in his program, he gives you the exact formula he used to transform his own body and put it into a comprehensive, easy to use course that anyone can follow…

For just $77 Vince loads up his membership with a plethera of ebooks and videos detailing specific workouts for different muscle groups…

In addition, he also gives you great recipes and diets ranging from 1200 calories all the way up to 3000 calories…

Vince doesn’t claim to be the “GURU” fitness expert, he’s just applied real world knowledge that he’s gained through his own personal experience and organized it into a huge weight loss program that you can use to get real a better looking body and a healthier lifestyle than you had before…

This program isn’t the ‘MAGIC PILL’ just like anything else it takes hard work, but with the right mindset and a little will power Vince’s program gives you the tools to become successful…

His program is one of the most comprehensive, no nonsense and truthful muscle building products out on the market today. Highly recommended that you check it out and make the best decision for your personal needs.

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                    Full Review – Recommended Weight Loss Guide #3
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3. 7 Minute Muscle Review
Rebel Trainer Proves You Can Gain More Lean Muscle Mass And Dramatically Increase Your Health In Just 7 Minutes a Day… And He Guarantees It…
You want more muscle, less fat and better health in less time. Everybody does. Hundreds of BS artists and con men have suckered smart people like you and me into buying all kinds of pills and potions to give it to us. It has all been a fantasy until now…Jon Benson, creator of 7 Minute Muscle has done years of research to discover how to get the body and shape you want in as little as 7 minutes per day…He exposes all the untruths about the muscle building industries and the companies who prey on people feeding them lies so they will buy their products…Jon’s book will show you how to “skip the gym” and build a lean and sexy body in the shortest amount of time possible, while also leading a satisfying and healthy lifestyle…

His course consists of a comprehensive ebook manual and 7 videos to show you exactly what you need to do to build your own rock hard body in no time flat…

Here’s what you get:

The 7 Minute Muscle Training System e-Book

These 7 Videos:

  • All about 7 minute muscle
  • An amazing chest in minutes
  • A scultped back in minutes
  • Sexy shoulders in minutes
  • Hot legs in minutes
  • Great arms in minutes
  • Best butt and legs in minutes

Here’s an unsolicited testimonial from Jon’s site:

“I dropped 8% bodyfat in 8 weeks!”

What can I say, other than “7MM is one of the best programs I’ve ever used!” In the past 8 weeks I’ve only dropped a mere 5-6 lbs of overall weight, but a whopping 8% bodyfat! Thanks to the combination of Jon’s “Every Other Day Diet” and 7MM, I’ve gone from a size 33 to a 27 jean in that same time span!

Of course, 7MM isn’t an easy “walk-in-the-park” type program. It’s tough, challenging, but so much fun! Our family and friends are now paying attention, wanting to know the recipe of our success (that is, until they hear it’s not just popping a pill and keep eating junk while sitting on the couch). Do I recommend 7 Minute Muscle? A nice, loud YES to that!

Sarah Wolk

At just $77, this course is a bargain considering all the time and money you’ll save not having to go to the gym!

Like any other workout routine, 7 Minute Muscle isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely worth the time to check it out for yourself.

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