Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine 500 lb. Weight Set

The Body Solid Series 7 Smith Gym System is undoubtedly by far the most advanced Smith machine on the market. Best of all, you’ll find it has the advantage of a free weight gun rack! The combo of those two fitness equipments offers the best lifting weights work out for the users!

Some may very well not be truly acquainted with the term Smith machines, despite the fact that most of the people must have seen one in their life. The Smith machine is a piece of equipment utilized in weight lifting exercises featuring a barbell that is fixed within steel rails. In the beginning, this type of equipment only allowed users to perform vertical movement (lifting the weight plates up and down). However, the newest model of this machine allows limited backward and forward motion.

You can find numerous individuals that steer clear of this kind of equipment in accordance with the wrong attitude that lifting weights is not appropriate if all you want is just to stay healthy and fit. They will opt for a treadmill or bicycle training instead simply because they think those two fitness equipments give you the greater effects.

If you wish to train your muscles by doing weightlifting exercising, you will need a good equipment to obtain the most from your exercise. You will need strong equipment like Body Solid Series 7 Smith Gym System. This system’s most distinctive characteristic is the structure of the mainframe made of commercial quality steel and high quality linear ball bearings.

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